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Promise and Fail

Welcome to Chief Kakanfo Olumore Tradomedical Herbalist

Get the master key, which unlocks the door to higher dimensions of peace, protection, victory, happiness, success, honor, riches, power, holistic health cure and wellness, cure of all killer diseases including financial restorations.

Everyone has psychic powers but some do not know how to use them. All the information you need to uplift and elevate your life, claim and recover all your lost glories, financial restorations and all possessions, including turning your dreams into reality and those impossibilities to genuine possibilities and all your heart desires will be made possible.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

Command Tone

Command Tone for prayer answering (Afose fun gbigba Adura)

Ashiri Owo

Etutu fun ashiri owo, ti ki je ki owo tan lowo eniyan

Iwadi lori aye re

Iwadi lori ara re

Orisa Aje

Orisa Aje

Ose Osole awon agba

Wealth Soap

It is easier to get wealth without sacrificing blood or killing. (Ipese awon Agba fun Owo)

Etutu Eyonu

Eyonu awon Agba

Sacrifice for the gods for favour

Isese Lagba

Isese a gbe wa o, Ona a la fun wa

Isese a gbe wa o, Ona a la fun wa

Money Won't be Your Problem

At Kakanfo Olumore, we place you first. Once you have been able to pay your consultation fee and sponsor your holistic spiritual data research to enable us know exactly what your spiritual problems are, the real causes and how they can be custom tailored to your faith/spiritual immediate aura situation, you can pay for your job within a year, if you don’t have the money to pay immediately. We match spiritual theories, experiences, with practices and mercy.

One thing you can be sure of is that whatever spiritual materials/services you need shall be provided seamlessly through our direct/indirect spiritual courier communication services throughout the world within twenty four hours, and every item must be spiritually tested before sending it to any client or customer through a tested mystical safety route. We stock only original spiritual products and materials, and offer quality spiritual life services.

Chief Kakanfo Olumore in numbers

Have a question? Contact us: +234 (0) 909 543 0081

What people say about Chief Kakanfo Olumore

    I have been looking for child for over 15 years. I have gone from places to places but to no avail. Within 2 months when I met Baba Kakanfo, I got pregnant, now I am with two kids now. Thanks Baba Kakanfo
    Chief Kakanfo has been good for me and my family during the challenge time. My family has now since then living most conducive and comfortable life. Thanks to Baba Kakanfo.
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