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About us

Chief Kakanfo Olumore Tradomedical Center is an ancient center where spiritual problems are solved. If you cry into the chamber, the you go out or back to your home laughing at the problem.

With our experience and spirit filled staff and omo ifa, we have recorded huge success in the center with different testimonies from our clients across the globe. We are sure of providing solution to your problems.

Our mission

To build a leading tradomedical center in Nigeria where people across the globe can access solution to different problems they might be facing in their way at low cost.

43 years of experience

With our vast experience in solving spiritual problems, we are confident to provide you with what you need.

Don't Die in Ignorance, we cure, God heals. Don't Die in Ignorance. Ask what you don't know and save your soul.

About Chief Kakanfo Olumore

Chief Kakanfo Olumore was born on July 24, 1949 at Imolodu, in Ogun State of Nigeria. Since birth he has been ordained by Ifa for spiritual works. The signs at his birth made the parent to agreed to send him to Ifa school where he learnt more about the work of Orunmila. He started his spiritual work since the age of 12 years and many life has been restored, barren women had gotten their own kids through him, those in bondage are loose and set free. Till now he is still performing wonders as of old. The Oracle (Ifa) still support him and everything he does becomes successful. Consult Kakanfo today and be set free.

Many people were also developed (trained) by Him no wonder his student called him "BABA" because he showed them the real truth about ifa and makes them realize how to succeed in the journey without getting hurt..

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